Hi there! The name's Sami, although most of you will recognize it with the chan at the end. It's nice to meet you all! I first stumbled onto TCGs when I saw my sibling, Momo, looking at a page that had a weird header and that was talking about all kinds of cards with my favorite JPop Band, Arashi. She joined and played for a bit and really got me into it, and I joined my first TCG ever, Countdown. You'll usually see me lurking around donation sections on forums trying to help out when I'm not working or goofing off with Jess .

I always have plans to start TCGs but hardly go through with them. Most of the ideas never make it out of skype convos. I really enjoy working for other tcgs and donating graphics, so if you ever need help with either just let me know~!

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TOTAL: 75 + a few I cannot remember!

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Only You

Phoenix Down

Pretty Voice


Reverie (Old)


So Magical

Trading Academy


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