Lovelytempest lay1

October 2007

Lovely Tempest is a Mahou Shoujo (Magical Girl) anime TCG by Miri. The TCG opened for prejoin June 2006 and closed March 2007.

It was supposed to reopen again July 2007 after opening prejoin, but it remained closed and the site eventually stopped updating.

Site InformationEdit



  • Magica One: 1-50 card worth
  • Magica Two: 51-100 card worth
  • Magica Three: 101-150 card worth
  • Magica Four: 151-200 card worth
  • Magica Five: 201-350 card worth
  • Magica Six: 351-500 card worth
  • Magica Seven: 501-650 card worth
  • Magica Eight: 651-800 card worth
  • Magica Nine: 801-1000 card worth
  • Magica Ten: 1001-1200 card worth
  • Magica Infinite: 1201+ card worth (personalized badge)


Layout GalleryEdit

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